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What is a Denturist?

A Denturist is a licensed specialist who makes, fits and repairs complete and partial dentures to the general public. In order to meet the requirements of the Denturist Profession, candidates must obtain training at an accredited college to qualify to sit for the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana or Arizona denturist license examination. Average length of time in college for a person can become a Denturist is 3 years.

Denturist's can perform the following functions:

1. Perform a complete visual/digital oral examination and evaluation of the patient. This includes obtaining a complete medical and dental history of the patient.

2. Make impressions, make necessary jaw relation records, select artificial teeth, design the dentures.

3. Fabricate and insert dentures in the mouths of patients.

4. Perform any adjunctive services such as repair dentures, relines and adjustments of removable dentures.

5. Supervise auxiliary personnel in the performance of their delegated duties. 

On average, 80% of Denturist's were previously Dental Laboratory Technician for years before they decided to obtain higher education and become a Denturist. 3 years of Denturist education at an accredited college emerges the technician into a world of anatomy and physiology combined with 2 years of dedicated patient/provider interaction and anywhere from 25-35 denture cases made before graduation can happen. The entire span of study is focused on biomechanics of the human jaw with emphasis on removable prosthetic's working harmoniously with each patients unique jaw structure. Along with this in-depth study the Denturist is also responsible for hand making each and every denture for the patient directly. Unlike dentists who send this Highly Specialized part of the fabrication process out to a laboratory, Denturist's have a first hand knowledge of each fabrication process so you the patient receives high quality dentures direct from the manufacturer.